Ultimate goal is to feel confident to be able to do anything.

Oct 11, 2017
Ashley Lawrie

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“I had trained with Alex years ago at another gym and after I recovered from my surgery I knew that I could trust her and work with her to regain my strength.”

That’s what 26-year-old Katie Sargent shared when asked why she joined Free Form Fitness. In January Katie had heart surgery to fix an irregular heart rate. She suffered from tachycardia which is when an abnormal electrical impulse that caused her heart rate to jump really high. The procedure she underwent was called an ablation which involved threading wires from the artery in her thigh up into her heart.

“It was done under local anesthesia and I was awake the whole time, it lasted 4 hours.”

By March Katie was ready to get back into the gym and she contacted her old trainer for help.

“It was pretty amazing to see how far Alex has come since I trained with her. She’s now managing the Byward Market location and she’s received a number of different certifications.”

Alex puts together workouts specifically for designed for Katie’s recovery. In terms of goals her “…ultimate goal is to feel confident to be able to do anything.”

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After years of having been told by doctors that she shouldn’t engage in intense physical exercise, rebuilding her strength and confidence is really important and has let her enjoy her hobbies more.

Katie enjoys hiking, rock climbing, yoga and has recently taken up pole dancing. “Alex encouraged me to try it out and it’s a lot of fun and it’s a great workout.”

Katie works out with Alex once a week at the Byward Market location and does pole dancing twice a week.

As she builds up her strength and energy she’s able to enjoy hiking with her dogs more.