Regaining form and balance

Sep 12, 2017
Ashley Ann Lawrie


Glen works in the the fast paced digital world for an agency in Hintonburg. When a pinched nerve in his back slowed him down and left him unbalanced, the father of two needed to find a way to regain his form.

“I felt crooked and I wanted to work with a trainer so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my form. I didn’t want to go to a gym on my own and make my back worse.”

Glen was intrigued by our 8 sessions for $96 and started working with Jules and Mike at our Wellington Village location twice a week before work.

“I would go in at 8 am before work for my 30 minute session a couple of times a week. At first it was weird going to work after a big workout, my arms would still be shaking a bit, but it was a great way to start the day.”

After the promotional sessions were over, Glenn continued on doing 2 sessions a week for the next 8 months.

“I really started to feel a difference after 4 to 5 weeks; just even in the small things like picking up my 3-year-old.”

Glenn really appreciated FFF’s holistic approach to nutrition, accountability and fitness.

“Mike and Jules would ask subtle questions about my diet in between reps and those things stick with you when you’re making food choices and go a long way.”

He enjoyed the balance of working with 2 trainers. “Workouts with Mike seemed to focus more on endurance and with Jules, he liked to load on the weights.”

Over 8 months, Glenn has lost over 20 pounds and has gone down 2 pants sizes (that’s 4 inches off the waist) and feels more balanced.

Moving forward, Glenn wants to continue learning about his body, nutrition and fitness. Like most FFF clients, his sessions were an investment in his future and he’s taken what he’s learned as a stepping stone for living a healthy and active life to keep up with his growing kids.