Our biggest fear of all – Success

Apr 25, 2011

We evolved in tribes. For millions of years we’ve been hard wired to work together in a tribe. Tribes determined by hierarchy or territory. Most of us have a tribe at home or at work or at school, in sports or for hobbies. Like a wolf pack, we do better in tribes.

But with that comes a fear of truly being who we feel deep down in our hearts we truly are, we fear to break free because in doing that It may ejects us from the tribal inclusion we have been hard wired for.

We fear discovering that we are more than what our teachers, parents, friends, mentors think we are. We fear we actually have the talent that, that little voice says we do. We fear to steer the ship, to completely transform, to lead, to plant the flag.

We fear it because if it’s true we become estranged from our identity. We know that if we embrace our ideals we must prove worthy of them and that’s scary. We may lose friends, family who will no longer recognize us. We will feel alone with no one to hold on to.

But the truth is, though you may lose a few friends over it, you will gain new ones. Ones that have a shared sense of wisdom and consciousness. One’s that will offer you companionship and let you be who you truly are. Like American novelist John Dos Passos once said “Individuality is freedom lived”.

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