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Feb 24, 2019
Ashley Ann Lawrie

Author: Riley Pearce
Social Media Director
Personal Trainer – Byward Market

With February drawing to a close, it is that time again to highlight one of Free Form Fitness’ clients.

February is many things – Black History Month most notably; the month of Valentine’s Day; the month where the groundhog tells us how much longer we’ll have to endure winter; and heart health month.

You may not know this, but Free Form Fitness holds an accreditation by the Ottawa Heart Institute as a HeartWise Exercise facility. This means that at least 1 trainer from every location has gone through the Heart Wise Exercise training to help better serve clients who are recovering from a cardiovascular event.

About a year ago, Ann Sunahara joined Free Form Fitness at the Wellington location. She was living with a “bad heart and bad hips” and knew she needed to make a change. She found Free Form Fitness as a heart wise exercise facility and after a year of training with our qualified trainers, feels she has her life back!

Read her full story and experience at Free Form Fitness below!

“Heart-certified personal trainers seek to build their clients’ strength, balance and flexibility.  Such has been my experience working with Catherine Marion and Vania Hau at Free Form Fitness (FFF).

I am a senior female with a bad heart and bad hips.  A year ago I was dealing with heart failure and poor fitness from years of hip pain.  I could not walk, but only totter for very short distances and do minimal activities before I became exhausted.  And I hated stairs.

Today, I feel that I have much of my life back, in a large part because of exercise. (The drugs helped too – thank you, Dr. Chih).  First, the Heart Institute’s Rehabilitation Program got me walking slowly on a treadmill for 20 minutes.  Then, last July, Catherine and Vania took over. With two ½ hour sessions a week, they got me doing movements and assuming yoga-like poses that I thought I would never be able to do again.  Some exercises required the use of FFF’s equipment, but many were simple movements that, now I know how to do them correctly, I do at home on the days between my training sessions.

It is wonderful to again walk normally and upright, to climb stairs without pain, to be more stable on my feet, and to be able to squat when I need to access a low cupboard. Thank you, HI Rehab Program and FFF for your expertise and help.  Now let’s get me strong enough to pull my luggage so I can visit my sister in England.”

Her story, as well as many other great stories and resources were published in the January edition of the Partner Newsletter, which can be found here.

If you would like to share your story like Ann or Treena, send an email to riley.pearce.fff@gmail.com . You never know who you could inspire with your story!

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