3 Secrets For Change To Happen Today

Jul 06, 2010



In order to change (start working out, follow a diet, quit smoking, change careers, change the world) you must cater the needs of both brain systems;

1. For the rational brain it's all about clarity. A clear path, a step by step plan, a eat this not that list, someone to answer your questions when you have one. The rational brain likes milestones, numbers and dates. The rational brain decided to read this blog post.  

2. For the emotional system you need to get engaged emotionally, motivated, inspired or even scared into wanting to change. Ask yourself why you want to change and then go deeper and ask why again to get to the source. Once you've found the source Google an image that corresponds to your reason and keep it around reminding you of why you want to change.

3. Finally in order to make change easier you need to change your environment. That means not buying any junk food when your goal is to lose weight, keeping it out of your house or office (yes even if you have kids or your partner doesn't care), hanging around the wrong crowd or wrong situations.

If you follow these 3 secrets to change, I have no doubt you will succeed. Now make the move you've been wanting to make.


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