Your Conflicting Mindset

Jun 28, 2012

This week I met with thirty or so amazing clients at Free Form Fitness in all three locations to make sure they are still progressing well.

Overall everyone is doing quite well but I noticed a reoccurring pattern in many of the conversations. Mostly in those that are in a plateau. It’s a pattern of a conflicting mindsets that most of us have to deal with quite often, let me first explain why this happens and then move on to how to change it.

The human species evolved through two survival methods; the first acute survival instinct being to protect itself from external threats like predators or climate changes forcing you to fight or flight a situation when it arises. The second survival instinct and the one important to this article was survival through nourishment of food. No food meant you would die of starvation.

Since there are no predators hiding in our bedroom closets and access to food is pretty much unlimited we start to fall victim to social influences. Advertisements depicting a group of people dancing and having a good time drinking alcohol or product tag lines being repeatedly being shouted: “have a break have a… (can you guess what’s next) or the now famous “I’m loving it”.

All these tag lines and images are meant to do one thing: Attach an emotion to their food. They say relax, don’t take life too serious, life is too short so eat our junk food.

The problem is that those world views are true to what we desire;

Life IS too short
You SHOULD relax and take time for yourself
You SHOULD have fun and be happy

But when it comes to using foods to attain these desires you run into problem.

Food is not only part of our survival but is now known to be the foundation of our health. The foods we eat regulate our hormones and just about every process in the body. They regulate our brain chemistry that regulates our mood that affects our decisions and how we feel about life. This will impact just about every aspect of your life from your relationships, to your job to the way you feel about yourself.

Though having fun is extremely important in your life having fun with food is nothing to joke around with. The impact of this mindset can be as small as stalling your progress towards better health to discovering you have cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

There are many other ways to have fun in life that don’t involve destroying your health in the process like going for a bike ride, rollerblading, hiking, swimming, dancing, skiing, playing a sport, playing games and so much more.

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