Working smarter, not harder, to get results

Jul 15, 2015
Ashley Ann Lawrie

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Even fit and health-minded individuals need a dose of motivation and a fresh perspective from time to time to reach their goals.

That was the case for 21-year-old student Jill C. She would spend hours at a time at her school’s gym, but had reached the point where she had hit a plateau and lost motivation to continue because she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted.

She decided to seek professional help and found her way to Free Form Fitness. Five months later, the results are speaking for themselves.

“I have definitely noticed a difference,” she said. “I’ve lost a few pounds, can see more muscle definition, and I’ve generally becoming stronger and can lift more. I’m a lot more motivated in my training. My friends and family have also noticed and commented on the changes positively.”

The key hasn’t been to exercise more, but to do it more effectively.

“Coming to FFF has really helped with my time-management at the gym,” Jill said. “I used to go to the school gym for hours at a time, and now I spend less than half the time at FFF while seeing more results.”

She credits FFF’s team approach, in which a client works with two different trainers, in her case, Dana Etheridge and Chris Volkert.

“They’re both very knowledgeable and always offer advice and answers to my questions,” Jill said. “It’s also great to have two people who know what you’re working towards, your limitations and will create personalized plans to get there.”

Jill is the sort of person who researches extensively to understand what she should be eating, what exercises to do and how to do them. In today’s world of information overload, that often means contending with conflicting sources of information that confuse rather than inform, to figure out what’s best. At FFF, Jill can rely her training team to cut through the noise and provide advice she can trust.

It isn’t only about exercise. While Jill doesn’t struggle with her weight, she has noticed that as she leaves her teens behind, what she eats is having a more significant impact on her body. She relies on Chris’s expertise as a certified nutritionist to help keep her on the right track and not get caught up in dieting trends and fads.

“It’s definitely helped to have a couple people that I trust to talk to, have a structured plan and not having to worry about anything outside of that,” Jill said.

While it was “aesthetic reasons” that first drew Jill to FFF, getting stronger and leaner aren’t the only benefits that come of working with the right team.

“It’s my energy levels, too,” she said. “How I feel throughout the day.”

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