Work Smarter Not Harder

Mar 22, 2012

I often hear this saying in business “Work smarter not harder” and people in business tend to get it. That it’s not about running yourself into the ground every hour of the day to get better results but rather about delegating properly, managing your time right and most importantly focusing your energy on things that will create the biggest impact. But in the fitness world, saying that you don’t need to work hard is somewhat controversial and even a little insulting to some people’s morals.

We see pictures and videos of fit people sweating and pushing themselves to the limit to have the body they have.

But can you achieve this in a smarter way?

The answer is: Yes. Most clients that come to see us are not looking to be the fittest people on earth. Though many are “type A personality” with a “whatever it takes attitude” what they really care about is being healthy, lean and in good shape and to have the energy to take up a hobby or play with their kids. So what is the smartest strategy to attain this?

Well, ask any top personal trainer and they will tell you that 80% of being healthy and lean is done in the kitchen. Let me repeat because it’s an important message; 80% of being healthy and lean is done in the kitchen.

Yet everywhere I look I see people killing themselves in the gym and neglecting to pay attention to what they are putting in their mouths. I see people working out for hours or people who work out to new trends like Crossfit that get a sense of pride for someone when they work out to the point of puking or almost passing out. Do they really need to push themselves to that limit to get fit? Does this seem healthy to you? Is there not a smarter way?

Of course there is.

Though it’s true that what you do in the kitchen will make you healthy and lean it still won’t make you fit because that requires some form of exercise.

The question is: How fit do you need to be?

I mean, it’s 2012. If you’re not training for a major sports competition or planning on joining the army there’s really no need to push yourself to the point of being sick and not only that, but it can also be  counterproductive if your goal is to be healthy because that’s a lot of stress on the body. What you need to do is focus on being consistent with moderate/smart exercise. What is smart for one person may not be smart for another but in general should focus on exercises that improve your energy, flexibility, strength, balance and well-being. That is the point isn’t it?

The smartest personal trainers I know with over 10 years of serious personal training experience (as oppose to those that do the same first year ten times over without learning anything) understand this concept. The smarter and more sustainable way to go about your health and fitness is to really focus on the 80% that is what you put in your mouth and to focus the 20% on working out in a way that will keep you consistent and feeling alive.

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