Why a Personalized Solution is Important Part 1

Dec 07, 2011

“Chase two rabbits catch none”

Your unique goal should be the start of your program. When choosing what your goal should be you need to be specific. Your goal will set the stage for the program design phase that your personal trainer can set up for you. This doesn’t mean that you will only accomplish one goal at a time it simply means that you shouldn’t chase more than one.

Some goals create conflict with each other. For example wanting to gain maximum strength and trying to build muscular endurance at the same is counterproductive to the muscle fibers and nervous system that you are trying to influence. Chasing these two goals at the same time will leave you with mediocre results for both of them.

Here is another scenario I see way too often. Someone says: “I want to lose weight, be healthy and run a 10k marathon.” Sure you can lose weight, which may make you run faster but you surely will not be healthy losing weight while training for an endurance race. Your body is going to be pushed into a stressful state with a big energy deficit, a half tank of gas. A better solution would be to lose weight first, then once you’ve achieved the preferable weight for running focus on running with a full tank of gas, not a half tank that has to dip into its reserves (biochemical’s) for energy that will actually be detrimental to your health and pre age you.

If you’re not sure what your goal should be, start by asking yourself a question to see what’s most important to you; (I find asking yourself 3 times works best to get to the real answer) Why do you want to exercise? No but really, why? No but really why do you want to exercise?

Once you figure out that answer, whether its; fat loss, getting fit, building muscle, being healthy, improving strength, speed or endurance you will set the stage for a well designed program and you will be on your way towards achieving your goal.

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