The Super Fit Program

Jul 22, 2012
If you’re like many of our clients at Free Form Fitness you’re probably looking to lose that unwanted fat and get fit so you can feel healthier and younger than ever.

Well, wait no more The Super Fit Program is everything you need in one complete system.

It includes:

    • A list of foods and sample diet to follow based on your metabolism for optimal fat loss


    • An illustrated 4 days a week – 12 week periodized workout plan to build muscle strength and endurance


    • A stretching routine to improve flexibility


    • An 84 day alternating HIIT/LSD cardio plan to help spice up your cardio


    • 4 personal training sessions to help guide you and keep you on track


    • The use of any of the Free Form Fitness locations


All this for $499

With these tools, you will not only get in great shape but you will also transform your body by shedding fat and building muscle.

This periodized program works as a system and has been engineered to get you fit through manipulation of exercise volume insuring that your body stays in the optimal training zone so you continually progress without hitting plateaus.

In short, you will get amazing fitness results with a lower chance of injury than any program I’ve ever tried and the best part about it is; the program will keep you motivated week after week.

NOTE: I’ve limited the amount of programs available to the first 15 people that buy it as I want to keep a close eye on these people’s results.

So if you’re interested, act now because based on the response from my last email I’m pretty sure it will sell out fast.

($499 plus HST =$563.87)

(We’ve managed to sell out right after the launch yesterday, If you were thinking about it
but didn’t get a chance to act fast enough the program will be available in a couple weeks
so stay tuned to our newsletter)

PS: For those that have purchased the Super Fit Program, you will receive an email to set up a time to get started.

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