Stress and Life Balance Seminar

Oct 06, 2015
Jean-Luc Boissonneault

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One of our members asked if I could do a seminar for his employees last Friday.

I did it and I was happy I did. It was at Sciemetric in Kanata and the turnout and the engadgement was great.

The seminar was on “How do reduce stress and improve life balance”. Something I’ve been doing a ton of research on for a long time now.

This article won’t do my presentation any justice but I thought I would summarize it for you.

I started by talking about psychoneuroimunoendocrinology.

Can you believe that’s a word?

They keep adding to this word because they’re slow to realize that all the systems are connected. That the immune system doesn’t function on it’s own. Neither does the nervous system, the hormone system, the mind and every cell in the body. There’s even more to it than that but It would make for a much longer article.

There’s 3 types of stressors that are disrupting our internal environment. This is pre-aging us, making us fat and prone to diseases.

1. Nutritional stress: 

This stress is caused by eating and drinking foods that are foreign to the body. All the package foods we consume, processed carbs, proteins, fats and salt. It doesn’t stop there. There’s also what the animals are consuming because it changes the nutrients in the meat that we eat. Also the hormones and antibiotic use. Low quality soil nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. These are all things that are un natural to our body. We are part of nature, we need to start realizing that.

2. Physical stress

Exercising has to be balanced. On one side someone that sits at a desk all day that doesn’t move causing stress to the body. On the other side there’s people that do ultra long duration exercise or don’t take time off that causes stress.  The right balance of exercise and recovery is key.

3. Emotional stress

I talked about the importance of the mind body connection and how our perception changes our bodies chemistry. Repressing emotions is the most stressful of all. Sometimes it’s relationships, sometimes it’s not having a creative outlet that you yearn for. Your emotions can cause a lot of stress.

I finished my talk with Free Form’s 27 lessons to realizing your full potential. If you’re already a member of ours, you’ve already started adopting some of these lessons. If not, join us and let us get your health back.

Jean-Luc Boissonneault is the CEO of Free Form Fitness and Free Form Academy. He’s a Peak Performance Coach, Author, Elite Personal Trainer and Health & Fitness Expert. He’s a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has appeared often in top fitness magazines. He specializes in longevity, mental performance and body sculpting for business leaders. He has placed first in Canada as a drug free bodybuilder. Has published 3 books and has performed countless seminars.


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