Ready for whatever the day can throw at her

Aug 14, 2014

From living a day as a professional firefighter, to hitting the gridiron with the Ottawa Invaders football team, Sarah Freemark is definitely not just a talking head on TV.

The 28-year-old anchor/reporter for Ottawa’s Morning Live Show is often out doors working up a sweat in front of the camera. With the arrival of warm weather, her schedule becomes even more physically demanding.

But she’s noticed a big difference this summer, after six months training with Free Form Fitness.

“The strength I have gained from working out totally translates into what I ‘m doing,” Sarah said. “Now I can handle whatever this job can throw at me.”

We first profiled Sarah back in December, when she had just begun working out at FFF. At that time, her overall quality of life was suffering from a grueling red-eye schedule, poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

“I was getting so run down I just couldn’t deal with obstacles day to day,” she said at the time.

We spoke with her again after three months of regular exercise and nutritious eating, at which point, she had already seen dramatic improvements in her energy levels, mental clarity and focus, and overall fitness.

The challenge, of course, is to make it past those first few months and turn that new fitness and nutrition regimen into a lifestyle that becomes habitual. For many people, it’s all too easy to see and feel the benefits, then fall off the wagon and revert back to their old ways.

But, six months in, Sarah is still going strong.

“I find I have more energy in the morning,” she said. “I am sleeping more soundly at night. I feel awesome and I look great. I’ve never received this many compliments about the way I look.”

When you work in broadcast media, there always seems to be a box of doughnuts lurking somewhere in the studio. Sarah has never had much of a sweet tooth – it’s rich and savoury foods high in carbs that have always been her kryptonite, such as burritos.

While she still gives into temptation now and again, two things keep her on track. First, by “cheating” on her meal plan, she knows she is only cheating her efforts to achieve a leaner, tighter body. But more importantly, she realizes she is just setting herself up for a rough day, since the savoury foods she most enjoys are likely to leave her feeling bloated, unfocused and rundown.

“I’ve never been so aware of what I’m eating,” she said. “I will make food choices based on what I know I have to do that day, and it makes a huge difference.”

Friends and co-workers have taken notice of how fitter she looks, and her success has even inspired colleague Melissa Lamb to try out FFF.

In October, Sarah will take part in the Easter Seals Dancing with the Stars competition. It’s a physically demanding commitment, but while she isn’t a dancer, the strength and flexibility she has gained has qualified her to take on a more challenging routine for the competition.

FFF founder Jean-Luc Boissonneault will also be in the competition, and Sarah is looking forward to taking him on.

“Let the games begin,” she said.

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