Random Facts About Canadians

Nov 29, 2010

I just finished reading this fun book on Canadians. Obviously it’s based on people’s answers to surveys so you can’t quite take it too seriously but I found it quite amusing. Here are some interesting facts I stole from it.

The countries most likely to agree that Canadians are friendly are:

France (96%), Australia (94%), Germany (94%), Great Britain (94%) and South Africa (90%).

The countries Least likely to think that Canadians are friendly are:

Sweden (78%), Argentina (77%), Saudi Arabia (77%), Brazil (76%), Japan (75%)

British Columbians are the least likely to agree that their eating habits could use some improvement.

Albertans are the least likely to agree that someones eating habits will help them live a long and healthy life.

Prairie Canadians are most likely to skip breakfast but not lunch. They also believe in ghosts and angels and would keep working after retirement.

The Ontarian is most likely to agree that laughter is one of the worlds greatest aphrodisiac. They also really dislike trying to keep up with the amount of laundry in their house. They are the most likely to spend money on home appliances. They are most likely to be doing the type of job they best enjoy. They are the most likely to prefer email as a form of communication. They are more likely to give their kids juice for breakfast compared to the rest of Canada that gives them milk.

The Quebecer rarely skips breakfast. Rarely has morning snacks. Is more likely to sleep naked. Takes way less pictures. Both men and women are the least likely to consider themselves fat. Men are least likely to support their partner in an effort to lose weight. If they find $100 they will spend it all to have fun.

The Atlantic Canadian is the most religious. The most sexual. The  most satisfied with their partners love. The most content with where they live.

Women in Canada feel social pressure to lose weight. Two thirds think about their weight regularly. They believe personal image and career success are linked together. Their number one reason for wanting to lose weight is for their health and self esteem and the second reason is to please others.

Men in Canada consider themselves pudgy (Except people from Quebec and Alberta), rich men consider themselves more fat then men with an average income yet rich men think about it less. Men with kids at home tend to think their body is fine the way it is.

Canadian parent’s living with kids are more likely to favor these vegetables; corn, peas, carrots or broccoli.

Young Canadians snack almost twice as much as older Canadians (granola bars) and don’t like to eat breakfast

The number one most trusted industry for Canadians is (this is scary): Medical Research

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