Ever thought of becoming a personal trainer?

Feb 19, 2015
Ashley Lawrie

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Free Form Academy: Setting a new standard for personal training education


The key to your success at Free Form Fitness is the quality and skill of our trainers.

Sure, you have to make the commitment, and see it through. But it’s how effective we are as trainers that will help keep you on track to reach your goals.

Three pillars govern each client engagement at FFF – exercise, nutrition and accountability (or psychology). But while the pillars may be the same, how they have to be structured to work for each individual will differ. What works for you will be different than what works for someone else.

It takes a rare breed of trainer who can consistently provide this level of personalized service to every client. At FFF, our trainers are expected to lead by example. It’s hard to motivate someone if you are not accountable for your own nutrition and fitness habits.

“Frankly, only about one per cent of trainers have the right stuff to be part of the FFF team,” said FFF Founder Jean-Luc Boissonneault.

But for trainers, having the practical knowledge, hands-on experience and interpersonal skills to excel at this level is only part of it. There is a fourth pillar –business.

The majority of trainers are, in essence, entrepreneurs. They may be self-employed, or working for a private gym. Either way, they must be able to bring new clients in the door. This requires marketing and business management skills.

Jean-Luc has long been dissatisfied with what’s provided through standard training and certification programs for personal trainers. He is not alone.

“I did an informal poll of 100 trainers I know across the industry,” he said. “They all came back with the same complaints – programs of study that were not relevant, not practical, and not hands on.”

And nowhere in the industry is there a program that provides any guidance in the business aspects of the profession.

So he set out to do something about it.

The result is Free Form Academy (FFA).

Over a six-week program, trainers learn what it takes to serve clients to the standard of care and attention that has distinguished FFF in the Ottawa market, and get a handle on the business aspects of personal training.

The program is open to anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer, or becoming a better one.

And this isn’t just a pile of theory. It’s practical and hands on, involving actual clients.

The nutrition pillar, for example, which promotes real whole foods and macronutrients, even includes trips to local farms. Trainers learn where our food comes from and what terms like “organic,” “free range,” and “grass-fed” really mean for their clients. They also learn how to prepare healthy food that tastes good.

The intent is to go beyond just exercise, so trainers can counsel their clients on a wide range of topics relevant to their individual journeys to better health.

“I’ve built this program on that old saying,” said Jean-Luc. “‘If you hear, you will forget. If you see, you will remember. If you do, you will understand.’’’

But why open FFA to the industry at large?

“I love mentoring people to pursue their passion and find what is the right fit for them, whether that’s at FFF or somewhere else,” Jean-Luc said. “There are a lot of different opportunities in this industry, and if we can help raise the standard of quality for training, it will boost the reputation of the industry as a whole. That’s good for everyone involved.”

If you are a trainer who wants to take it to the next level, or even considering a career as a personal trainer, give us a call.

If you are a private gym looking for new ways to grow your client base and revenue, Jean-Luc can discuss with you how a business-savvy personal trainer can help.




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