Know Anyone Looking To Become A Personal Trainer?

Feb 03, 2015
Ashley Lawrie


Free Form Fitness’s sister company Free From Academy is set to start March 15th.

What makes Free Form Academy different?

Basically all of the personal trainer certifications that are currently available provide the same information. The only difference is cost, method of instruction (online, in-class, or both), and number of training hours. All of these courses strive to give their students a base knowledge of personal training that consists of basic anatomy and biomechanics, basic nutrition, and basic exercise instruction.

Strive for something different.

At Free Form Academy we feel that the current base of knowledge that aspiring personal trainers are expected to know is inadequate and plainly, wrong. Our course focuses on practical applications that no other course will provide you with. We have structured our course around four pillars that comprise the foundation of a successful personal trainer’s knowledge base: exercise, nutrition, psychology, and business.

If you know of anyone that may benefit from this course please forward them this link.

From now until March 8th people students who sign up will also receive 5 mentorship personal training sessions after they graduate. Learn more.


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