How to make sense of competing claims

Mar 04, 2011

I can see why many people are confused about health and fitness related information.
Every day I see and hear claims in the media about health and fat loss studies.

“Post workout chocolate milk out performs energy drinks”
“1 glass of orange juice a day is heart smart”
“Oatmeal lowers cholesterol”

The problem is many of these claims are based on studies funded by the companies that produce this stuff. Sometimes the study doesn’t have enough people in it to actually be valid and sometimes the study wasn’t even done on people it was done on animals that are completely different from us.

Well, here is a short cut to diving deeper into research. There is an independent, not for profit organization called The Cochrane Collaboration that review studies. They look at certain questions and review all the valid studies to give you a conclusion. Unfortunately some of the better topics like a lot of the weight loss you have to purchase.

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