How to Avoid the Hunger Feelings

Apr 05, 2012

Struggling to stay on your diet? Don’t worry because this is a common problem in the first four weeks of any new eating plan. When someone is addicted to a drug, it’s not the actual drug that they are addicted to. The body doesn’t know what those substances are. What they are addicted to is the bodies change in chemistry and how it makes them feel. Sugar changes the bodies chemistry in a similar way. In fact brain scans reveal that cocaine is as addictive as sugar.

The first thing you need to consider for those first 4 weeks, however, is if you are allowing yourself an adequate number of calories and if you are consuming foods that are filling enough to keep you satisfied.

For instance, it is a common phenomenon for people to drop their caloric intake to dangerously low levels because they think that they will lose more weight. This is a bad idea because it will trigger sever hunger, drop the rate of the metabolism, and lead to the unhealthy “yo-yo” dieting issue. Instead, you should be sure that you are getting enough calories to manage your daily activity levels and bodily functions.

If you are sure that your caloric content is okay, have you ensured that your fat intake is high enough as well? For instance, you should have at a minimum 50 grams of fat during the day or else you will have cravings. Fat is like a slow released energy that helps the body maintain balance of its hormones.

If neither of these two things are the problem, it could be that you are fixating on food because you know you cannot have some of your favorites. This means that it is a time to keep yourself busy. Find projects that keep you away from the kitchen, stretching, going for a walk, having fun.

You can also prevent hunger from taking control by sipping on water throughout the day. Many people find that cold beverages are the best for reducing hunger pangs, squeeze a little lemon into it. You can also reduce the risks of bad snacking choices by keeping containers of raw vegetables to snack on.

Basically, if you ensure that you are not actually hungry, that boredom is not encouraging you to eat foods that you shouldn’t be consuming, and that you are eating the right amount of fat and calories, you should be able to defeat the snacking monster!

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