Essentials: Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Dec 03, 2013


Jean-Luc Boissonneault, CEO of Free Form Fitness. Every day is different for me. Days go from training people to performing seminars to writing content to training trainers to creating new innovations. All the while making sure I have plenty of time for my family, friends and my own health and fitness. One of my greatest skills as a CEO is the ability to make things happen but without my essentials it would be very difficult.

    1. Lululemon pants
      I used to think these were just for girls. I now know better. The most comfortable workout pants ever.


    1. Foam roller & lacrosse ball
      Great warm up tools when you’ve been training like me for the past 17 years.


    1. High quality supplements like Init8
      My line of products a long with one of my personal trainers Ryan Brown.
      The Beta-Alanine rocks.


    1. Ipad in Dodo Case
      I run my whole day using notes on my iPad. It’s the first thing I look at in the morning to make sure all my projects are moving forward. I keep it in this cool hand made Dodo case.


    1. Weight training
      Because lifting weights makes me feel like a super hero


    1. Iphone
      My phone is my hub as it holds my schedule. I also use it to communicate with staff, listen to audiobooks in the morning and to tweet and post pictures on Instagram.


    1. Books
      Never stop learning. For the past 13 years as a trainer I’ve made it a point to reading everyday.  Supertraining is one of those must read books for personal trainers and strength coaches. You can also find an old recommendations list here.


    1. FFF shirt
      Not dry fit, that stuff makes you smell. Pure old fashion cotton long sleeve shirt. It’s comfortable and it just works.


    1. Blueberries
      It’s quick and it’s one of the healthiest carbohydrates on earth, especially for your brain.


    1. Almonds & avocado
      Quick and convenient source of fat and fiber.


    1. Stir fry
      When you’re on the go like me, it’s important that healthy food is easy and per-prepared. For a yummy low carb sauce; mix soy sauce, ginger, vinegar and dried chilly flakes.


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