Eat Fat, Burn Fat

Jul 25, 2012

This week when talking to clients the pattern I noticed most was that many people’s fat consumption in their diet was way too low. Yes that’s not a typo, too low. After years of the media scaring everyone to lower their fat consumption people subconsciously end up lowering it while at the same time lowering their carbohydrates which leaves them with what?

Nothing but protein and vegetables! Not only is this unhealthy but it also stalls fat loss and creates uncontrollable cravings.

Your body stores fat like a reserve tank for energy. Throughout our early evolution getting a meal was inconsistent. The caveman didn’t know when or even if he would get their next meal which consisted in large part of fat. It would range from hours to many days of starvation before they would catch their next meal and now this has shaped our bodies and how we hold fat.

When you go long periods of time without consuming fat your body will naturally work on holding on to it as a way of survival. Not only will you hold on to fat but you will also start to create deficiencies in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K that need fat to get absorbed and are very important to your health.

So how much fat should you consume? Well that’s different for everyone but at the least your diet should have 50 grams or more a day and If you’ve read my book you will know that all “nature made” fats are good for you (coconut, butter, meats, fish, olives, nuts, avocado etc) whether or not they are higher in saturated or polyunsaturated and “man made” fats are the ones you should avoid (Trans fats, hydrogenated oils and margarine, unnaturally extracted oils like vegetable oil.)

So make sure you’re consuming enough “nature made” fats and keep on your journey of great health.

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