A new lease on life

Feb 10, 2016
Ashley Ann Lawrie


“You’re not the same person anymore.”

Loraine Piquette hadn’t really thought about how much she had changed in just a few short months, until she heard this refrain from husband Steve and personal fitness trainer Catherine Marion. But then the 58-year-old HR manager realized it was true.  Her chronic headaches were gone. So too were her general aches and pains. Even the anxiety and Seasonal Effective Disorder that struck her each fall had lost their teeth.

That was a big change from the way she had been.

“Everyday, I would come home and just want to fall through the floor,” Loraine said. “I’d given everyone else everything I had. I was exhausted by the none-life I was living.”

Steve, already the physically active sort, tried many times to get Loraine into some kind of fitness routine, but nothing ever stuck. Then last September, he signed them both up at the Free Form Fitness location on Wellington, near their home.

They started training together, and making healthy changes to their nutrition to help Loraine address the low hormone levels that were contributing to her poor mental state and low energy. It was rough going at first — but then she started to notice a difference.

‘The exercise did its thing’ 

“Slowly but surely, the exercise did its thing,” Loraine said. “My energy level rose constantly and I began to get pleasure out of exercise and look forward to the days we would head to the gym.”

What made the difference this time? Steve attributes it to the accountability that comes of sessions scheduled with a personal trainer.

“I’ve never been a gym person, so when we signed up for those first eight sessions, it was unbelievable because of how it works the whole body,” he said. “It’s the quality of what FFF offers that made the difference for her.”

Loraine credits trainer Catherine for creating a personalized program, and being able to serve the different needs of husband and wife during their joint sessions three times a week.

“I feel pushed, but I never feel hurt,” Loraine said. “Before, I would try yoga and have to stop because I would hurt something. But now I have all the energy to lead my life that I didn’t before.”

Loraine’s new lease on life has given her the drive to take control of her future. Instead of just living day to day, she’s now planning for things they want enjoy years away during retirement.

“It’s awakened not only my physical body, but all of me, totally,” she said. “I laugh now, have fun and look forward to things.”

Giving the gift of eight training sessions at FFF for just $96 has become Loraine and Steve’s way of looking out for their friends and family.

“I’m becoming relentless,” Loraine said. “I joke it’s my new religion. It’s a gift we give now to people we care for — the gift of life.”

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